#AmyontheGo Sea and Sourdough

It's not everyday your west coast bestie turns thirty. At least not for me. Leah and I met in the art room in high school. From there and the guidance we received from Sigler and Hughes and pursued art in our various ways. Leah went to some unknown fancy-ish ivy covered college in New York, and I stayed in Virginia. Our paths always crossed over holidays and summers. 

Now I'm lucky that by living in the DC area I always see her and her husband David, another east coaster, when the come in for the holidays or other family occasions. 

A few months ago David sent out invites for a surprise(ish) birthday party. After a quick internet search, finding reasonable tickets, and confirming I could crash on their couch I was set to head to San Francisco for a long weekend. I saw surprise(ish) because as I found out upon arriving on her doorstep that NOTHING is surprise for her, she's too sneaky!

While living out in SF Leah and David has picked up the hobby of making sourdough bread (and beer but that's not something I'm looking to take on anytime soon). Leah gave me 2 oz of her sourdough starter when I left. Since then I've been on a semi-sourdough journey.

Sourdough is hard. That is when you know nothing about it other than the end product being delicious. I'm not a stranger to baking bread, but this is hard. That is until I found this AMAZING, SUPER thorough post from The Clever Carrot about making sourdough from beginning to end.

The Clever Carrot's post really helped me think through the timeline for making sourdough. That is and for now will be my struggle. When to feed the starter, to then have time to let the dough bulk ferment, and then second rise and FINALLY bake. (Then cool.) I joke with my co-workers it only takes 26 hours to make a loaf of sourdough. They laugh and probably think I'm crazy but don't complain when I bring in some to share. 

I baked my first batch just before Thanksgiving and took it to share with close friends. One is from the Bay Area and highly approved and that's good enough for me.