Housegiving Pie

I love my house. I love shocking people when I say I live with 4 other ladies and it's a 3 floor, 6 bedroom townhouse. That feel so uncommon for the DC area of high rent and tiny apartments. We often refer to our house as a Hobbit hour because the way it's situated in the line of townhouses you only see a sliver of it, the rest branches out  behind our neighboring houses.

This year's "housegiving" was the first since I've been in the house. (Just shy of three years) While I love cooking veggies and stuffing (mmmm), I pitched in and made pie. Pumpkin bourbon pie with pecan crumble to be exact.  The pie was delish, the crumble seemed to sink a little bit more than I would like when I spread it on top before the bake. And my crust was rolled out too thin. BUT NO ONE WOULD KNOW because it was so good. All the best holiday flavors in one. 

PS- Isn't this pie dish THE CUTEST?! I received it as a birthday gift this year. It has a recipe for pecan pie on it and I love the design of the lip.