Snow Day + Bar Cart

I am loving the weather we've been having here lately- SNOW! I understand that I am in the minority with this, but I don't care. Unlike my housemate who is a local school teacher and has had three days off last week; us mortals only received one. In addition to President's Day off, but enough with this tallying business! I've had quite a few house projects to keep my busy indoors, one being a bar cart. 

My bar cart is a kitchen cart, that I've repurposed. The thing I like so much about this one is the drawer at the top. It's a perfect space to store all the little odds and ends that you accumulate- think tiny umbrellas, spare wine keys or a growing collection of corks to be made into a craft project later. 

I used a wall wine rack that I had on hand on the middle shelf. It's a perfect fit and use for the shallow space.  

Right now I'm please with the simple look that I can add my own pop of color to, such as the stemless color ringed wine glasses and blue glass bottle. At some point I may spray paint the shelves or the frame to customize it. 

As much as I love snow days, I'm also excited for the warm weather. Mostly for the outdoor dinner parties that accompany long summer evenings; where I will wheel my cart out and serve drinks alfresco!