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I'm borrowing my title from my dear friend Angel, the person I know to coin #SoulRest in my life. A little life lesson on how sometimes unexpected places can prove to be so necessary. 

I don't like the beach. I don't like hot summer days, sweating, sticky from the sea and stuck at the beach for hours on end. After traveling a lot this spring for work, extending Memorial Day weekend was just what I needed. The two bests things about this trip were having a house on the beach and not having the plan a thing. Just arrive and put on sunscreen.  

The other really fortunate thing about this trip was that I was in a house of friends and just down the way was another house of friends. Splitting time between the groups helped any anxiety that would have happened from being in a house fill with people (ahem, like 17 or so folks) all the time.  

I teleworked one day that week. In the morning a friend, who was also teleworking, and I hustled to the local coffee shop for peace and breakfast. A few hours, conference calls and many cups of coffee later we both felt pretty accomplished. I had one more meeting that afternoon, which I took in my beach "office" back at the house, aka the pool.  

Every morning I would grab coffee and take a walk on the beach. Unlike my hurry up and go normal morning routine, it was nice to walk slowly, stop to sip coffee and think about the day. Or more likely for me, not think. The sound of the ocean waves lull me in to a transfix state. 

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Sunset at Jockey's Ridge

Sunset at Jockey's Ridge