Summer Rolling

HELLO JULY. You snuck up on everyone in a mighty way. I hope you're a little less rainy than June turned out of be. 

When I have a chance to catch my breath between travels (more on that later), I love to make these light and airy summer rolls. They are deceptively easy to make, but they do require a fair bit of prep work ahead of time. 

I love using fresh herbs when making these. This summer I am growing basil and mint and if I happen to have any on hand, cilantro is delish to toss in. Like the herbs, you can use whatever produce and protein you have on hand. I usually include spinach, rice noodles, shrimp, jalapeno, carrots, red pepper and herbs.  

Once the mise en place is complete, I begin to assembling the rolls. Think of these as an asian burrito, only stickier. My first time making summer rolls I searched for a Youtube video to walk me through how best to roll the wrap. My advice when preparing to roll is make sure your work space is wet and that your hands are as well. These wrappers are very stretchy and with their stickiness they seal a packed roll tightly. 

Serve with a peanut soy sauce I make with PB2, water, store bought ginger soy sauce and a dash of soy sauce. I like just a little bit of a sauce to go with it, but when freshly made they don't need a sauce.