Shrimp and Scallion Pancakes

Every job has it perks, mine* is the plethora of quality food shows that crosses my path. My recent favorite is from PBS Digital Studios called Bon Appétempt. While not new, the show it is new to me.  

The buzzing topic at the moment in public television is online only content, aka short form programs that live on YouTube mainy, and other online video platforms. What is great about this format is it doesn't need to be this beautiful, pristine, on-air quality program with newscaster lighting. Much like the audience it's geared towards, these programs can be messy, loose and informal. Bon Appétempt is just that, in a great way. 

What makes Bon Appétempt stand out from the madding crowd of other Youtube cooking/food shows? Well one thing would be it's  "the only cooking show with an in house baby." That, and the host, Amelia is funny and very real. There is no pretense that she is the authority on cooking perfection, she just knows how to make a delicious meal.

After watching, oh I don't, a dozen or so episodes the Shrimp & Scallion meal made me salivate so much I added the ingredients to my grocery list to pick up that evening. It was dinner time so I'm sure that punctuated my hunger.   

Final outcome- amazing. The only main difference between Amelia's and mine was I incorporated the jalapeno and some red peppers I had on hand into the batter. I served it with leftover peanut sauce in addition to the soy vinegar sauce. SO good and bonus points because they held up well reheated for lunch a few times that week. 

*I work at PBS, for those who don't know. It's fun.