Dried Chili Pepper

Every labor day for the past few years I've house sat and dog watched for some good friends. They are huge fans of growing a variety of peppers and tomatoes in their small garden. Coming to there house at the end of the season is always a treat to use whatever is left how I'd like. M

This year I've taken a leap pretty far outside of my comfort zone and made dried chili flakes. Seems like a pretty easy project to do, but it is time consuming- As in you need to stay in the house because the oven is on. I'm pretty sure it's in poor taste to leave the house with the oven on. 

Dried Crushed Red Pepper
*A few notes about doing this; it will most likely take the full 6 hours, or even a bit more for these to dry. If you have a convection oven I would use it in this instance. Also it will make your house smell like hot sauce. If you, your eyes or nose are very sensitive I would skip this project. Or have large fans and the windows open. 


  • Chili peppers, I used cayenne
  • Foil
  • baking sheet
  • oven
  • hours of time


  • Wash off peppers, set on towel to dry
  • Turn on oven to 175˚ 
  • Cut off pepper stems
  • Place peppers on a foil lined pan, spaced apart
  • Put pan in the oven,  peppers can take 2-6 hours to dry
  • Check about every 2 hours, and every hour after 4 hours
  • Once peppers are dry keep them on foil and with your hands (gloved if you prefer not to have spiced fingers afterwards) until all the peppers are crushed.
    • Beeeeee careeefullll not to inhale the pepper dust OR touch your lips/eyes/nose/other sensitive areas until you're super sure that your fingers are clean. (Gloves sound really good huh?)
  • Place in a jar and enjoy on pasta, pizza, make a compound butter with it, whatever!  
It's delicious on eggs! 

It's delicious on eggs!